What life’s experts say

The articles here are excerpts from experts. I chose them to help me in the art of living. And just as in real life where events and change do not come to us in a neat package, so these articles are not arranged in any particular neat order. Just read, ruminate and recall. – Francis Chin

Expensive lesson in a spa session  |  Diabetes may lead to kidney failure

Why the world doesn't seem to make sense  |  Nature and freedom  |  Death of Cicero’s favourite child

Can happiness be taught in the classroom?  |  Be happy, start right now  |  Lucid dreaming

Is there a Sixth Sense?  |  The X-Factor  |  Unable to feel fear  |  Secret joys of solitude

Mystery the spice of life  |  Screwed by sleep demonsHow to make everything seem easier

Cicero, on Friendship | Happy Endings | Simple laws of life  |  Living life on your terms

September is perfect Oregon  |  Pure life in Costa Rica  |  Be an active listener

A good cry  |  Stepping into the Light (sense of self)  |  Naturally lazy and sensible 

Depression hits physical health  |  Eyes can really show  |  Formula for joy 

Masters of denial  |  One family's burden  |  Socrates' cafe  | A tale of two tigers

Psychopaths in our midst  |  Recognising psychopath predators

Frugal living  |  Happiness in contentment | Drinking tea  |  Don’t skimp on sleep

Books that clarify life's lessonsLongevity  |  Begtinnings & Endings

Animal training for your spouse  |  Making Italian meatball  |  The Five-Minute Presentation 

Forgive & forget, don’t let anger ruin your life

Deja vu is all in the brain  |  Growing old, with a youthful brain  |  Meditation changes your brain

Forgetting in remembering  |  Ballad of the Landlord  |  Biggest mysteries in science

Necessity of afternoon nap at work  |  Six golden rules of life  |  Nothin stupid

Simple living is living deliberately  |  Survival strategies during recession

A thing of beauty is a joy forever  |  If all the ice melted  |  Rising sea (National Geographic)

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